HEY, Hey hey hey! What the heck is this stuff! Why isn’t anyone talking about it? It’s a very emerald dream-esque portal right outside Stormwind?


Ways to tell I love you: I spam with all caps.

Not gonna even pretend. The new female trolls upset me something awful.

The braided crest hairstyle is butchered. (Dem bald spots shining with the power of a thousand suns.) The hair colours are no longer vibrant. The hair bands are brown, the piercings awkwardly bright orange and both clash terribly with every transmog I have on all my characters. (Sans maybe my druid.)

The actual face shape I can learn to live with, but it’s especially the changes in colours and the lazy hack-job at the crest that upset me most. “As close as possible to the original” my ass.

Also ghost wolf is no longer blue when glyphed. It’s grey. Sigh.

ON THE POSITIVE NOTE. I like the new spell casting animations! The old ones we’re too stiff in my opinion.

Three of the four horsemen I have so far. *u* No idea who’s going to be the fourth. Priest, maybe.

From left to right
Warrior - War
Warlock - Pestilence
Death Knight - Death/Famine (undecided, depends on the fourth character)

(And yes, at least one of my “horsemen" is a female character.)

My aggressive passion for horse-mounts stems from the idea of putting together the four horsemen of the apocalypse as WoW characters. The Headless Horseman’s mount would complete my designed set. ´_`

Deathcharger for famine
Headless Horseman’s mount for death
Fiery Warhorse for war
Vicious Skeletal Warhorse for pestilence

(Might switch around death and famine though, but I just thought a skeletal horse was better for famine and some interpretations say death is a “green” horse, which the HH one kind of is underneath the armor if you look closely.) 

Although, there’s been this new mount popping up and around that I would consider in place of Fiery Warhorse. I have no idea what it’s source is yet though so, it might be unobtainable for me.

I’ve got 8 lvl 90 characters to grind the daily dungeon with now. If the mount doesn’t drop this year for me, I’ll just give up.


I’ve got 8 lvl 90 characters to grind the daily dungeon with now. If the mount doesn’t drop this year for me, I’ll just give up.


Super big thanks to Alatrax and Razorfist for 3v3 spamming with me. It was hell, but worth it. Look at my warlock! So gorgeous! *u* <3 <3 I’m so happy I managed to snatch this mount before it likely becomes unobtainable. We’ll see.

As an added side-note, I love hanging around the forsaken areas before and around halloween. It just gets me into the mood for Hallow’s End.



*quietly sobbing*84 wins before next Wednesday? Just Kill (Command) me now.

*quietly sobbing*
84 wins before next Wednesday? Just Kill (Command) me now.

Getting pretty fucking tired of having to deal with constant passive-aggressive bullshit in my own home where I get to guess what the fuck have I done wrong this time around.

I’m at the end of my tether.

I have enough things in my life that cause me anxiety and stress without having to also suffer it in the only place where I’m supposed to relax.

Tanking low level dungeons for the first time like

People are like “World of Warcraft has the worst community ever” to which I reply “it’s not THAT bad, come on, you’re being too harsh!” Then I go to trade chat and instantly take back everything I just said.

There’s a person who you desperately want to talk to all day long but who replies to your messages in a very brief manner and you end up wondering if you’re bothering them.


morbidmusing asked: I hope you're having fun! Have a drink for me. :D /highfive

OH SHUSH YOU AMAZIGN PERSON. UuU You’re basically an idol to me whoaaaaaaaaa <3<3 HAVE ALL THIS LVOE. ALL THE LOVE. MANY LOVE. SUCH LOVE.