People are like “World of Warcraft has the worst community ever” to which I reply “it’s not THAT bad, come on, you’re being too harsh!” Then I go to trade chat and instantly take back everything I just said.

There’s a person who you desperately want to talk to all day long but who replies to your messages in a very brief manner and you end up wondering if you’re bothering them.


morbidmusing asked: I hope you're having fun! Have a drink for me. :D /highfive

OH SHUSH YOU AMAZIGN PERSON. UuU You’re basically an idol to me whoaaaaaaaaa <3<3 HAVE ALL THIS LVOE. ALL THE LOVE. MANY LOVE. SUCH LOVE.


So okay, my raifj leader told me to talk baout bowbs. nd this other paladin also want s to know about my upcomging “”“”Projcets”“”

wow what

give me a secong…

First of all… FIRST OIVF ALLL right. Rifht. Calm wdonw.. Daclm down. RIght. Bewsbs are like, the bst thing ever right??? many round so squish so perfect wow. Love bewsb. Lady bits wow wow amaze coulds stare all day yap tyap.

second o f all, Iäm beign told to draw people having “”“”secual reations”“”“” with each other, WOA WHOA WHAO MAN RLIKE. Whati a minute here guys. guys guys guys, like. Time out. TAHT TAKES 10000% ECFFORT YO.  I CAN’T JUST DOODLE OUT SOMETHNG LIKE THAT. Come on. It has to be carefully planned out.. ((((Also many jelly Q&R whoa leve some space fo me yo.))))


The whole things that lead into this situation was… our guild members hlooked upo this thing “WoW drinkign cames” abd then just apadtbed it to LFR. I think you can imagine how it awas downhill form there, So many people died and eacvh death was like “take big gulp iof your drink” and wiping on trash was like “EMPTY OYR GLASS”

Also this tag is umporant yes:

I wosh told to drunk nlog gyush by my WoW guld leader so I guss I have to now++???? so I get to go on raid tomorrow to reag my awlock WARLOCK yeap tap

qualitu content 100000¤%%%


Doing the warlock green fire scenario like

Well…. That just happened.

Such a pretty bab. *u* I’m so happy I got the cape for her too. <3

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List the first 10 random songs on your playlist:

  1. Daybreak (GoPro HERO3 edit) by OVERWERK
  2. Mr Overtime feat. Dave 1 (original mix) by Punks Jump Up
  3. Pop Culture by Madeon 
  4. Darkened by Wolfgun
  5. Of the Night by Bastille
  6. Ropes by In Flames
  7. Gitch by Pogo
  8. Monster by Imagine Dragons
  9. Unison (Remix) by Knife Party
  10. WI-FI BRIDGE by Renard

I’ll tag as many people as I can think of, but you’re supposed to tag 10. ( ´_`)

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I try to find solace in the fact that I’ve positively affected the life of at least one person. It gives me confidence that maybe I’m not entirely bad.

The premise of Amazing Spider-Man 2: Stay away from men who stalk you, sexually harass you with the excuse “I couldn’t help it” and guilt trip you from pursuing your career. These men will likely get you killed.

Oh yes internet, thank you internet. A reddit page full of scary stories that are supposed to be at least somewhat realistic and believeable is EXACTLY what I need at 2am. Oh look, there goes any hope of sleep I might’ve had before reading four or so stories.

(I’m terrible when it comes to anything even remotely scary. I just can’t. Even if I can put it off as “this person is a good writer and it’s just total fiction” but it initiates this mode in my head that goes “but then again, there are all kinds of fucked up people in the world…”) Aslkighdf.klagsghldfihj-

One of my biggest wishes for WoD: Blizzard brings the original, currently unused, skins back for these mobs in some form that is tameable for hunters. (There is also a blue variant for the direhorn that is currently unused, but I didn’t screenshot it on PTR.)

I was one of the people who were really disappointed with the change between PTR and live after the patch where these mobs were introduced. The original skins are much more vivid and from my artistic point of view; more polished. Especially the devilsaur skin looks as if there’s been a multiply layer thrown on the skin map which causes it to come off rushed for anyone with any experience in image editing.

Now, the edited skins have been in the game for a good while and there are certainly players who would hate to see them go and be replaced by the originals. This is why I hope they would use the original skins on some brand new mobs in WoD to introduce more texture variety to the game and more choice for hunter pets as well.

Seeing Blizzard post about additional facial customization on characters because “they’re pretty much done with all the original races"

and as a troll player I’m just here like

Just going to say… if you haven’t read the book(s)… you should brace for massive impact.